Time flies when you’re seeing comedy everyday and in the words of Frank Sinatra the end is near. Well actually it’s not so much near as here and so to the final gig of the fortnight and coincidently but rather conveniently the site of the after fest party, Moho Live. Not that that little bit of information had any hand in the choosing of which of the final shows to view as who could resist a three header bill of Shooting Stars’ Angelos Epithemiou, showbiz veteran Johnny Sorrow and our very own Phil Ellis?
Ellis was keeping a watchful eye on the excitable, sold out crowd; did the rounds of the front row and regaled all with a tale of his dead auntie. Then prior to Epithemiou was a ten minute set from the delightfully unhinged Johnny Sorrow – the showbiz old timer from the West Midlands who laments the fact that Bernie Clifton just doesn’t get the work on TV these days.
Epithemiou – sporting anorak and orange carrier bag - mounted the stage, confessed he didn’t really want to be here, got confused as to where he was and was altogether bloody hilarious. There’s something perfectly judged about the character that pitches the comedy just right in the cankerous former burger van owner. Not that he is a character of course, he truly exists. Him, his three jokes, two dances and his all important carrier bag items.
Afterwards I had a bit of a schmooze with the many great and good people that had performed, organised and written about the festival this year then it was time to say ta ra (sadly I was up early next morning). So this week I’m planning on lying on the sofa with a flannel clasped to my head and Mad Men on the DVD. Still, I’m going to miss all the comedy razzamatazz, though it won’t be too long before I’m out of the house again after all there’s comedy on somewhere every night of the week in this town.


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